Available rentals

Our Rental Property Management Division can assist you in finding an apartment or home to rent in the Milford-Harrington area. We also can manage your rental property for you.

You must complete a Rental Application and read and complete a Consumer Information Statement (CIS) before viewing any homes or apartments to rent.

Rental Applications, CIS andProperties Currently Available may be obtained from our office by email, fax, postal mail, in person or at the links above. Submit your application and CIS via email, fax, postal mail or in person.

Consumer Information Statement (CIS) for Consumers Seeking to Rent Residential Property

This information is from the Delaware Real Estate Commission and is not a contract.

Delaware law, title 24 ch.29 requires real estate salespersons, associate brokers, and brokers to provide this CIS to you at the earlier of your first scheduled appointment, the first showing of a property, or making an offer unless you are a tenant for 120 days or less. You are encouraged to read this CIS before you list your home for rent or go to view homes to rent. This is first given to you to explain Agency law in Delaware. It must be signed prior to completing a rental application, or the signing of a rental agreement (lease), a listing agreement, or any other brokerage agreement.